Found an incredible pool!

Oh so much has happened! I found a team, and a great time to swim (mornings), but then I was disallowed to continue swimming due to work commitments, so I had to find other avenues.

Then I found Long Bridge Aquatics and Fitness Center. Holy crap. Beautiful. When set to 25 yards (yes, you heard me), it has 24 lanes. When set to 50 meters (oy!), it’s got 8. Oh, and if you’re one of those diver geeks, it has a diving well with a 10m tower, 5m, 2 x 3m springboards and 2 x 1m springboards. The place is awesome.

Bought a membership today because I turned 55, and that reduces the prices due to me being all old and all. But basically I’m paying $7.02 per visit now. Instead of $10+, so that’s nice.

It’s been weeks and weeks so I only did 3000. Actually I did 55 laps (get it?) and then a 250y cool down. And now I feel like I’d lifted upper body for two hours. Ouch!

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