First race this weekend

Last Friday (27th) I pulled my back. Not by doing anything, I just think my back had had enough. I woke up and could barely get out of bed (our bed is on the floor, so squat first thing in the morning). I couldn’t bend over. It was really painful.

I had intended on lifting that morning, and of course that was off. All weekend I walked like an old(er) man, and didn’t lift anything, didn’t even walk the dog. Which sucked because Sunday was when the local open water club started up the swims in National Harbor. I did, however, walk with my wife while she walked the dog, much to her chagrin since I was walking so slowly (and she’s a fast walker, anyway).

Opening day at Nat’l Harbor (c) Denis Crean

Around Tuesday I started to feel better. Not to lift, or even to swim, but pretty good. Yesterday (Thursday) felt really good and took my swim stuff to work, intent on joining the swimmers in Nat’l Harbor. Around noon I decided I wouldn’t swim as my back was getting “tired,” felt like it needed more rest. Mother Nature made my decision moot as thunderstorms canceled the swims.

I’ve got a race on Sunday. Whatever could go wrong?

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