In the ocean again!

On a work trip to Florida and as such, of course, I had to swim in the ocean.

Can’t tell from the picture, but it was crazy wavy. Couple of legit surfers came out while I was there. But that’s part of the fun of open water swimming.

Haven’t been in salt water for about a year, felt fine (stomach) during this short swim. I cut it short because as soon as I got out about 100 meters I noticed the storm clouds coming. I already had to avoid the water in the morning because of storms (lightning, not my fav), and sure enough another storm came after I got back to the hotel. But when I got to the beach, it was nice and sunny.

Wish the happy couple a wonderful, and dry, wedding

Still, a fun, cozy swim, getting used to the water again. A measly almost-half mile. But who cares. I’m back in the ocean!

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