HarborFest 5K (or more)

WaveOne held their annual HarborFest swims this morning. Tri-length swims, along with a 5K. I signed up for the 5K, composed of 5 laps of a 1000m loop. It was untimed, meant mostly for triathletes who wanted to work on their swim skills. The water was open for a bit over 2 hours and one could swim as much as one wanted. I figured 5K would be enough, but in loop 4 and 5 I thought I could add a sixth.

Great morning for a swim!

Sadly, upon finishing the fifth lap, one of the kayakers told me the yellow course (the 1000m loop) was closed and only the orange course (375m loop) was open. It was only a bit after 10:00am so I thought I’d be able to fit in two.

One of the many volunteers that make these events happen!

Nope. I got one done. I started the second 375m loop and when sighting saw that one of the kayakers was bringing the buoys in. Dammit. 5500m according to my app. A smidge over 2 hours. Good enough for me!

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