Swim for the Potomac, part II

Today was day two of Swim for the Potomac (S4tP). 5K on tap for me. Woke up quite sore, but didn’t really think I wouldn’t swim. Jumped in and the water was refreshingly cool.

First lap, 1250m, felt pretty good. I decided to really push it for lap 2 (2500) and 3 (3750): strokes 1-20 fast, 21-100 normal. Felt really, really fast. Lap 2 flew by. So did lap 3, till the whistles.

I told myself I wouldn’t look at my watch till the end of lap 3. After all, I only had to do 4 laps. If I was swimming as fast as I thought, I’d finish this 4-lap 5K easily. We jumped in at 0845, 15 minutes past sked time. I don’t blame anyone; I’ve never been a race director, but things happen. But I had hoped we could have more time in the water. There again, I can’t blame anyone: WaveOne has to get permits and such so that we can swim in National Harbor.

The saddest part: bringing the buoys in

Still, I thought I had finished the first 3 laps in 1:15, thus it would be 10:15 when I finished lap 3. But: the whistles. I ignored them, hoping they weren’t meant for me. No such luck. A hundred meters or so into lap 4 a kayaker gave me the bad news. We’re done. I looked at my watch. 1:35 for a measly 3.85km. Ugh.

The good news is, I felt very good, despite the 4+ hour swim yesterday. 13.85km in two days (8.6 miles). Feel good. Tomorrow morning I’m sure I’ll be very sore.

Better news? WaveOne will still swim, this coming Thursday night and Sunday morning. w00t!

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  1. Wow Mike, do your shoulders ever give you any grief? I’ve got one good one and one achy one. It never aches when I’m actually swimming, but just out of the water ironically!!! I can’t imagine doing these distances because of that!

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