Last swim of the season

The 2022 season ended Sunday morning with a great 2.25km swim in National Harbor. And head coach Denis Crean gave us a great course.

Denis set out a start buoy (orange) and a final turn buoy (also orange). “Out” were three lime-green buoys. We were allowed to choose which lime-green buoys to swim to, as long as once we got there, we swam outside the other lime-green buoys.

Jen, my friend from embassy Moscow, moved back to town. She swam the 2.5k comp last weekend and swam with me this Sunday. We decided to do a double (swim to the middle lime-green buoy), then swim a triple (swim to the far right lime-green), then a single, then a double, then a triple. All told, only 2.25km. But so much fun.

Great season. Thanks Denis and to all the volunteers at WaveOne Swimming!

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