Marathon Swimming homecoming date set

Looks like I’ll be attending homecoming this year. I’m so excited!

Dear reader(s) know that I consider Swim the Suck to be the homecoming of the marathon swimming world. At least, the North American world. I’ve met so many marathon swimmers I’d only met online in Chattanooga in Octobers past (2012, 2018, 2019). The after-swim (apres-swim?) party feels so much like a family get-together. I’ve really missed it the last few years.

So Saturday 8 April I told my family I had to sit at home in front of my computer at noon because Swim the Suck registration opens at that moment. I’d learned in the past that if you waited a couple days to decide, you’d miss out. The swim often sells out in a few hours!

This year I got in! I’m so happy. I needed a goal like this to even get me back in the pool (yes, I’ve been absent for months). I miss open water so much; it’s not as close here as it was in Boston. But I’ve been back in the pool for the last two weeks and am looking forward to swimming, slowly, down the Tennessee River on October 7th!

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