Caveat Scriptor: 5th Anniversary video #2

Diana Nyad again demonstrates her abysmal kindness and generosity while talking about all of the good that she does in the world.

In Tuesday’s installment—“SHARE with us YOUR Xtreme Dreams! Are you fulfilling your potential? What do you imagine doing with your next five years? Inspire us all by commenting below…”—Diana’s followers did not let her down. Check out the torrent of reverential responses.

Here in the eye of the Cult of Diana storm, Nyad continues to construct a levee against the flood of those who know her to be a charlatan. How could Diana—she who causeth the waters to part, the sitters to walk, and the smokers to smoketh not—ever lie? Wouldn’t happen in a million years, or so her believers can’t help but believe. (C.f. Lance Armstrong and LiveStrong.)

Here’s my favorite part of the video:

Words to a Young Writer

A fan sends Diana a comment, perhaps in search of support for her endeavors:

Diana responds, in part, with this:

I’m coming up to a new writing project myself. Writers understand, just like endurance athletes, the pain. First of all there’s such inner…the inner self comes out.

[Probably a horrifying prospect for Diana.]

I don’t care whether you’re writing non-fiction or fiction. And the discipline to sit and look at a blank white page, whether it be on the old version of a typewriter, or you’re writing. You look at a blank page and it’s you.

[Yikes! But, yes, if task #1 were painting a pretend you onto the page while keeping the real you imprisoned in a dark corner of yourself, writing would always be painful and difficult. Integrity would be impossible—see the following.] 

It’s your wisdom and your humor and your imagination that has to spring forth and create something, and have the intelligence and the foresight to map it out so that, whether it’s a short story or a novel, something that is going to string together and have integrity of story, psychological integrity.

It’s extremely difficult, and it can be extremely painful.

[Good thing I don’t have to worry about all that stuff. Even so, discretion being the better part of valor, it seems best to not even start.] 

A lot of writers have said they come to tears, they come to anger, and they come to low feelings of self-esteem because of what’s being exposed as they write. (15: 26)

For Diana Nyad, nothing is real that does not involve pain, tears and recording equipment.

Explaining jellyfish stings to CNN after her third Cuba-Florida attempt.



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