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What follows is a lightly edited version of a recent Facebook post. That version did not meet the high visual standards that the Annex demands (i.e. it looked really ugly), hence its reappearance here.

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“Meet Diana Nyad: Epic Adventurer Who Refuses To Accept Defeat” (Self Made)

Have I mentioned that Diana Nyad occasionally stretches the truth? She gave it a real workout in this recent interview with Nely Galán. Below the video, you will find an accounting of Nyad’s Self Made fictions.

Survivor Story

…I was giving a speech in New Mexico…. (3:17)

Nyad has told this story a number of times and it’s as untrue here as it was before. See “Diana Nyad’s Unspeakable Lie.”

One notable difference between this version and most of the others: this time, Nyad sends her survivor (whom she never names) to Treblinka. She hasn’t done that since 2011. Usually, she sends the woman to Dachau. This chart compares previous versions.

La Mère Française

So I was standing with my French mother…. (8:19)

Diana’s mother is not French. Lucy Nyad spent time in France, but she was born in New York, died in Los Angeles, and, as far as I know, never changed her citizenship. Diana’s fantasy mother is French — see the end of her survivor story above.

Since 1950

…the great swimmers had been trying [the Cuba swim] since 1950. (8:55)

Six swimmers have made solo attempts. Those attempts began in 1978. There was a relay attempt in 1950, then nothing until Walter Poenisch swam in ’78. So Nyad’s statement is misleading at best. See “Everybody’s Doin’ It.”

Nyad: The Motion Picture

 …the feature film is evidently going to be made of my life and my story. I am hoping, just like the book, that it will be something that children see and women see and and all kinds of people have a lasting experience that, 10 years later, that movie will still have the validity, you know, of those precepts. You’re never too old to chase your dreams. Everybody needs a team, you know. (16:27)

There is a script, but there is no movie in the works.

IMDB shows it “in development.” What does that mean? Not very much. It could mean that people actual intend, at some point, to make the film. Or it could mean that someone just forgot to remove it from the IMDB site.

Let’s take a closer look. The “Nyad” script made it onto the 2015 Black List, “an annual survey of Hollywood executives’ favorite unproduced screenplays.” I went back to the 2005 Black List, the earliest one I could find. Some scripts on that list, e.g. “Juno,” “The Kite Runner,” and “Fanboys,” hatched and became full-fledged films. Others never left the nest. For instance, “Dance of the Mirlitons” (now called “Prima”) remains, according to IMDB, “in development.”


The coach who molested me is in the International Swimming Hall of Fame…. (19:30)

It’s true that Jack Nelson is in the ISHOF. Whether or not he molested Diana is another matter. See “Addressing Diana’s Op-Ed.”

NASA revisited

I’d like to start a National Archive and have people have a real concrete place to go to tell their story that’s gonna be etched. (20:28)

And guess who’s going to be Etcher #1, aka MC Etcher


“I don’t care if I fail….” (1:41)

File this one under “Things Diana Says Because She Thinks They Are The Right Thing To Say But That She Does Not Believe In The Slightest.” C.f.:

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