Diana’s Kaleidoscopic Convalescence, take 2

An update to a page posted last month, this new version contains several significant changes. Most importantly, it shows that Diana Nyad knows the real reason she didn’t reach the Olympic trials, and it’s not the reason she says it is.

One of Diana Nyad’s favorite stories involves a debilitating illness—viral endocarditis—that kept her from qualifying for the 1968 Olympic trials. In her tale, she was practically a shoo-in to land a place on the U.S. squad, but fate and infection intervened:

In 1968 observers thought that Nyad was certain to make the Olympic team. “I was considered a ‘sure thing.’ The media considered it a tragic case when I didn’t make it. An attack of heart disease in the summer of 1967 slowed me down. I just wasn’t swimming fast enough to make the team. I was so disappointed, I stopped swimming. I went to India to meditate and do my drop-out thing for awhile. (Barnard Bulletin, 2 Feb 1976; complete issue here)

Actually, she got sick in the summer of 1966, but who’s counting?

Obviously, not Diana Nyad.
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Diana Nyad’s Academic Freedom

We know that Diana Nyad went to graduate school. But when and for how long? Let’s see what Diana says.

A FEW WEEKS AGO, Diana Nyad hit 25K at newspapers.com. In other words, if you search for “Diana Nyad” (with quotes), you now get over 25,000 matches.

To commemorate this milestone, the Annex plans to publish a series of lists that will consist of quotations culled from articles and interviews. Each list will focus on a single subject important to Ms. Nyad.

We’ll begin with her academic achievements.
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