Diana Nyad on her memory

Complete transcription of Diana Nyad’s memory comments
from the “Wild Ideas Worth Living” podcast

[29:38] …my childhood and high school and college and maybe even a little bit longer—I remember almost nothing because I was in a whole different world. I was in a world of trauma. I was [in] a world of confusion, a world of low self-esteem. So, you know, I could tell [the] parachuting at Emory as a funny little story, but I don’t remember anything. I don’t remember one building, I don’t remember…in my childhood, we moved a lot. I don’t remember one front door or backyard or bedroom or kitchen.

And I don’t remember Emory. I don’t remember what it looked like. I don’t remember what I did there…did I have a roommate there. Or the next college—Lake Forest. I’m sure they were great places, and I met great people. But I wasn’t, I wasn’t in this world, I wasn’t attached to reality at the time.

And when I got in to be my thirties and more forties [sic] and that trauma was farther in the back—now it’s much farther away from me, so I’ve lived more life. I’m very in the moment, you know. I remember every little thing, and I’m alive and happy. But I don’t remember Emory, at all.