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Three letters between Buck Dawson, the Executive Director of the International Swimming Hall of Fame at the time, and Joe Grossman. Dawson has discovered a new swimmer whom he is certain will “re-inject some glamour” into the pro racing circuit.

11 May 1970
Buck Dawson to Joe Grossman: original

14 May 1970
Grossman to Dawson: originaltranscript

20 July 1970
Dawson to Grossman: original
(This is a press release in letter form, extolling the virtues of the new glamour girl.)

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These letters address, among many other things, the controversy surrounding Nyad’s 1974 WPMSF World Championship. Dennis Matuch’s explanation, “When is a world champion not a world champion?” provides a diplomatic coda.

Sept 1974
Diana Nyad to Dennis Matuch: original ⇔ transcript

9 Nov 1974
Nyad to Matuch: original ⇔ transcript

Nov 1974
Nyad to Matuch to Conrad Wennerberg: original ⇔ transcript

4 Dec 1974
Nyad to Sandra Bucha’s parents: original

14 Dec 1974
Nyad to Matuch: original ⇔ transcript

Jan 1975
When is a world champion not a world champion?
(Excerpted from Dennis Matuch’s “Distance Swimming” column in Swimming World Magazine; complete column here and in WPMSF Bulletin #25, Feb 1975 . )


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